Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We want to build a preschool. 

 This is where the kids go to school. That is Lenin on his way in.
 They are singing head, shoulders, knees, and toes. They are getting better at remembering because they like to say it fast, then faster, then faster, and fastest.
 We taught were teaching them the alphabet song in espanol. They liked to try to sing that fast... but we were all still beginners... i had to read the alphabet out of my book.

These are the kids... there are 13 of them total... when they are sick .. they are most often ill from the environment (dirt ground) and malnutricious diet

La muestra.. teacher and I

But we are lacking $3000. Two girls in the group have completed the contacts, connections, and measurments necessary to build it, but we are lacking the funds to do it. 

In a nutshell, it costs approx. $3000 to build the school but $4000 to build it with a playground. Right now they are using a backyard with dirt/sand floors, an aluminum roof, and broken/unstable chairs with 4 tables. Preschool is mandatory in Piura. The community inquired about a preschool because preschool prepares children for colegio… their parents are from the selva (jungle) and so they are not literate or knowledgeable to assist their children in learning, so a preschool is very important in the education process. Everything was carefully measured. It actually costs around $11,000 to build the school, but the community is building it for free. Right now the community is considered a ‘human settlement’ so there is no government funding. So basically, we NEED to come up with at least $3000 to build the school.

Here is the money breakdown:

Unit Price
Unit Price
(U.S. Dollars)
Total (local)
Total (U.S. dollars)
240 soles/1000 bricks
88 dollars
7000 bricks
1680 soles
622 dollars
Cement Azul (for bricks)
21.7 soles
8.04 dollars
30 bags
651 soles
241 dollars
Cement Rojo
(for floor)
20.7 soles
7.66 dollars
100 bags
2060 soles
766 dollars
Steel ½ inches
30 soles
11.11 dollars
21 units
630 soles
233.3 dollars
Steel ¼ inches
7 soles
2.59 dollars
50 units
350 soles
129.6 dollars
Wire for construction #16
3.90 soles
1.44 dollars
60 kilos
234 soles
86.7 dollars
Nails 2.5 inches
3.90 soles
1.44 dollars
2 kilos
7.80 soles
2.88 dollars
Nails 3 inches
3.90 soles
1.44 dollars
3 kilos
11.70 soles
4.33 dollars
Sand for mixing with cement
40 soles
1.81 dollars
14 metros cubicos
560 soles
207.4 dollars
PiedraPilca – special type of rocks for construction
45 soles
16.66 dollars
8 metros cubics
360 soles
133.3 dollars
-Foundation for the floor over which cement will be poured
60 soles

22.2 dollars
20 metros cubics

1200 soles
-       roof
12 soles
4.44 dollars
72 plates (planchas)
864 soles
319.68 dollars
Water, construction tools, transportation, printing cost to create package with construction information and liability waiver forms for volunteers

Total HELP Cost

$4000 Dollars

My proposal is donations are GLADLY, GRATEFULLY, and KINDLY accepted. Also charitable loans. Or you can purchase a Peruvian souvenir… (overcharged for donation money) but definitely worth the value.

  • 15$ for a bracelet 
  • 20$ for a necklace.
  • 20$ for a Peruvian trinket.
  • 30$ for wind chimes.
  • 35$ for a scarf.
  • 40$ for a bag/purse.
  • 45$ for striped/checkered pajama pants.
  • 50$ for a nativity set.
  • 70$ for a hammock. 

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  1. Megan, you're doing great things! I'm passing this on and will do what I can to help this project along! Go Megan! ;)